We’re Settled In Fruita, CO!

I disappeared over the summer as we planned our move out of Silicon Valley to the Grand Valley, Colorado, found a house to rent, packed, drove for two days, then unpacked and figured out where everything goes. It was a 2 1/2 months full time job for me and my wife put in a couple of weeks.

Moving during a pandemic is a pain and then the actual move happened during a major heat wave that added more stress, as if moving isn’t stressful enough. Fortunately the U-Haul truck climbed those passes in 111 degree heat in the Mojave Desert without overheating but other travelers were stuck by the side of Interstate 15.

So no more 15 hour road trip drives to Moab and Fruita! I’m hyped about living near the trails I love! Within a 20 minute drive we can be at the trailheads for the 3 major trail systems near Fruita and Grand Junction, and we are only an hour and a half from Moab.

We just had a day and a half of rain with snow up high. This photo was taken a few minutes ago and shows the mountains above the North Fruita Desert Bike Trails, commonly known as 18 Road. The riding will be super great this weekend! See you out there!

2 thoughts on “We’re Settled In Fruita, CO!”

  1. Hey Jim,
    Had no idea you were planning to move! Congrats and sounds like you’re happy, which is the most important.

    Wish you and the wife the best and hope to see you when I get a chance to finally ride there.


    1. Riding here and Moab is heaven! I’m at most 20 minutes from two great technical trails systems and one X/C flow with huge drops, the famous Zippity Do Da trail at the 18 Road trails.

      Get ahold of me if you come this way!

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