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Specialized Contour grip

Our grips were looking pretty sad so we stopped by Trailhead Cycles in west San Jose to replace them.  Lars, the owner, pointed us toward the Specialized Contour grips among others.

They looked a little flakey to me but we decided to give them a try that day on a rocky trail with gnarly switchbacks.  We loved them!  When entering a switchback a good technique is to push down on the inner grip.  This leans the bike over for a tighter turn.  With the Contours we had more control while bouncing over rocks.

The next day we went on a 10.5 mile ride with 1,500 feet of ascent and of course a bunch of descent back to the trailhead.  There is a section of the ride where my hands always get numb and I’m riding along shaking first one and then the other.  This grip relieved that problem.

My wife Katya has the better Contour XC, I have the cheaper one that is on sale now for $12 on the Specialized site.  I’ll upgrade to the XC the next time around now that I have confidence in this style.

Per Specialized:

Designed in conjunction with hand surgeon and avid cyclist Dr. Kyle Bickel, the Contour XC grip was developed to meet the high demands of cross country riders. The unique design relieves hand pressure and provides great control.
  • Medically designed to conform to hand anatomy and relieve pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often leads to fatigue.
  • Designed to meet the demands required to maintain great bar control.
  • Super tacky, yet durable grip provides superior control.

Specialized grips.

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