How To Choose A Trail Category Mountain Bike – Analysis For Intermediates

We spent 2 1/2 years researching and riding demo bikes after we attended the 2013 Fruita Fat Tire Festival in Colorado. We had no idea what a bike festival was about but soon discovered that we were riding waaaay better bikes than our decade old Cannondale cross-country (XC) bikes. We were able to ride farther and at a higher skill level than we ever imagined. But why?

This video shares my research and experience with trail mountain bikes, a category of bike between cross-country and all mountain. I hope it saves you a lot of time and expense. I get into some details but try to focus only on what really matters for intermediates.

See my blog at for information on specific bikes and my trail analysis for intermediates videos. You can also subscribe to this channel to be notified of uploaded videos – and there are a bunch more to come for Lake Tahoe, Moab, Zion-St. George, UT and Fruita – Grand Junction, CO.

4 thoughts on “How To Choose A Trail Category Mountain Bike – Analysis For Intermediates”

  1. “higher skill level than we ever imagined”

    using new technoloygy “dumbs” down the trail.

    Its all about why you ride. Do you ride to improve technical skills or to use the latest tech. to ride stuff your incapable of ever riding in a simple bike.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Joey. The new bikes let us ride better and at a higher level than before. We now enjoy more advanced trails. They are safer because they handle the gnar better. Our goal is not to be advanced riders, just enjoy riding in the mountains and the exercise. Demo as many different kinds of bikes that you can to find your dream machine.

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