Heading to Fruita, Moab, and Hurricane / St. George

I’m going for three weeks at the end of September and including Outerbike in Moab.  I’ll miss Rampage this year.  I’ll add some more bike evaluations and collect additional material for my trail analysis videos.

I need to shoot a bit more video in the Fruita / Grand Junction area such as an intermediate trail in the Lunch Loops, Horsethief Bench and that amazing drop-in hike a bike, a re-shoot of Dippity, and probably one of the trails farther out Mary’s such as Troy Built or Steves, or both.  So this winter I should have enough for a Trail Analysis video for that area.

My 2011 Moab video is rather outdated.  There are a LOT more trails now.  I’ve been shooting and shooting but I need a few  more trails to produce a new Trail Analysis video for Moab.  I need to shoot more in the Klondike Bluffs, update my Slick Rock Bike Trail shots for the new video, and probably add a few like Bartlett Wash and Merrimack and Monitor.   I also want to shoot riders dropping that big slick rock descent on UPS.   I’ll have most of the trails and can do a new Trail Analysis video for Moab.

My old Sovereign videos sucked so I may re-shoot that trail, although I’m not sure it is used much be MTBers anymore.  It is chewed up pretty bad by dirt bikes.  Same problem with Poison Spider.

I recently produced a Zion / St. George Trail Analysis video but I don’t like the format.  I also want to add the Zen trail, which isn’t intermediate but we like it.   So that one needs to be re-edited.

The format for all my videos should be more conversational.  I want to tell stories and augment with video and images instead of making the videos and adding narrative.

Jim Preston
Santa Clara, CA


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