Bad Crash On Holy Cross Trail, Grand Junction, CO

I’ve had my wings clipped at bit.  I drove 1,066 miles to crash on my first ride and damaged the climbing muscles in my left thigh.  The Holy Cross Trail is double black diamond so not the best warmup trail.  Me bad.

I forgot to take a photo of the crime scene but the rock I hit hard was maybe 7 inches high and the bike should have floated over it.

Instead my Rock Shox Revelation fork used only half the travel.  This is my usual experience with this fork.  I can’t remember ever using more than 1/2 even with 2 foot jumps.   I have a Yeti SB95c trail bike with an HTA of 67.5 degrees.

Rock Shox reps at bike shows set the sag for me as have mechanics at several shops.  I’ve also experimented with different settings on all of the adjustments including psi.  I have to have almost no air in the shock to use the whole 140 mm.  This is wrong.

However, I seem to float over the rocks with the Fox 34 140 mm forks on demo bikes.  Maybe just perception, not a real pattern, but at Outerbike in Moab at the end of this week I’m going to be focusing on fork performance.

Oh yeah, I went OTH after hitting a smallish rock on the Guacamole Trail near Virgin, UT last March (2016).  I was on a demo trail bike with a Rock Shox Pike.  Head tube angle was fine at 67 degrees.

I suspect that riding Foxes on demo bikes is conditioning me to float over rocks and with Rock Shox I have to pop up the front wheel.  Starting this Friday in Moab I’m going to be hitting piles of rocks at intermediate speeds, 5 – 15 mph, and testing fork performance.

MTB crash scene Guacamole Trail.
March 2016 crash scene on the Guacamole Trail, Virgin, UT. Actually the Margarita Trail part of The Guac.  I landed on my head after hitting the larger rock next to the trail with this demo bike and Rock Shox Pike.  Notice the position of the ring on the right leg.  Much of the shock wasn’t used.


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